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Top 5 reasons why D&D sucks

5. Roll-playing Game While not as bad as some systems (*cough* World of Darkness) in terms of the amount of dice you roll at one time, there are a lot of rolls for resolving single tasks. There are so many … Continue reading

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Out of Character

A couple of days ago I wrote about and got some very interesting comments about how this is relevant to games. On the Story Games forum they talk about Improv Theatre and how drama and story is made up of … Continue reading

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Advice Goddess

The Advice Goddess chimes in on a victim mentality. I’m only linking this because I really enjoy the column. Hope you do too.

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Status: Refugee – Perspective Selection

One thing that was bugging me about this game was that which we’ve discussed on a number of occasions about different games: scope. If you are playing refugees with only a small number of worlds available to you, the sheer … Continue reading

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Heroic imaginations

This is probably more suitable for infurious because it’s riffing off Guy Kawasaki. Nurturing a heroic imagination takes five actions: Maintain constant vigilance for situations that require heroic action. Learn not to fear conflict because you took a stand. Imagine … Continue reading

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Look out of genre for ideas.

This thread on TheRPGSite looks for some ideas about how to populate a story based on the theme “Traveller: it came from jumpspace!. Some of the ideas are very good while some of them are little more than a re-telling … Continue reading

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Action is character

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, “Action is character.” A few years ago a friend of mine came up with the theory that we often play our polar opposites in games. The players under scrutiny here were myself and himself and our … Continue reading

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Misfit! Breakdance on the street …

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r-Maps (and being ahead of the curve)

There’s a lot of talk of relationship maps. I’ve been playing with the idea of an r-map for gaming for use as a player aid for a while. It really started to surface when playing superhero games in order to … Continue reading

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More on sexism and racism in games.

More on New Horizons the game that is going to put racism and sexism into every pulp game. I’m going to have to buy it because … Alexandria2000 writes: Or if they ARE mentioned, it’s in a stereotypical way that … Continue reading

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