The Game I’d Play Right Now

I’m having a lot of fun writing half-a-games at the moment. You know – getting the grist of a game together. I’m not really enjoying the layout/art section though I’m sure I’ll get round to it. Illusion is almost ready to go. Six requires about another few weeks. It’s all good.

I have a hankering to play a game though, something I’ve not managed in a couple of weeks.

Not all of these are co-temporal but bear with me.

Brotherhood of the Wolf meets Sharpe In the Company of Wolves for adventure in crumbling post-Renaissance cities darkened by the grime of a burgeoning Industrial Revolution whilst romance poets tread dark gargoyled halls of vast Gothic cathedrals.

Based on the dates below, I think a period around 1798 would be just perfect.

Benjamin Franklin: 1706 – 1790
First Piano: 1709
Steam Engine invented: 1712
First diving bell: 1717
Giacomo Casanova: 1725 – 1798
Captain James Cook: 1728 – 1779
First invention of modern Steel: 1740
Marquis de Sade 1740 – 1814
Antoine Lavoisier: 1743 – 1794
Count Alessandro di Cagliostro: 1743 – 1795
First Capacitor (Leyden Jar): 1745
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: 1749 – 1832
Industrial Revolution: circa 1750 – 1850
Seven Years War: 1756 – 1763
Wolgang Amadeus Mozart: 1756 – 1791
“Mad” George III crowned: 1760
Catherine the Great’s reign: 1762 – 1796
American War of Independence: 1775 – 1783
Jane Austen: 1775 – 1817
Richard Sharpe (fiction) 1776 – 1860
French Revolution: 1789 – 1799
Great French War: 1792 – 1815
Percy Bysshe Shelley: 1792 – 1822
George Gordon Byron: 1788 – 1824
Charles Babbage: 1791 – 1871
Napoleon becomes dictator of France: 1799
Napoleonic Wars: 1799 – 1815

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  1. James Joyce says:

    Well researched site – I love Bernard Cornwell’s work! – Will look to incorporate some of your ideas into my site. Thanks!

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