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So you want to be a writer

I got this from the blog of reknowned comic artist PJ Holden So you want to be a writer? Or do you want to make a living as a writer?

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21/100 Making a Miniseries

On my main blog I’ve been working through Chris Brogan’s 100 topics more as a method of amusement and to keep me writing. The rest of the entries have been a bit easier than the current one and the context … Continue reading

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RQ: character portraits

Mike puts a LOT of work into his Glorantha. Melo Yelo, the Yelmalion Baboon

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Masters of War

Human Unity, though most pacifist by most standards, does construct weapons for use by natural humans and Experts. They build weapons for their own security and defense as Human Unity has yet to commit a pre-emptive aggressive action. Despite this … Continue reading

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Star Wars: abridged by a 3 year old

I have to get my kids watching Star Wars

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Shopping for a new desk?

Tom Spina Designs (via show us what you can get if you have expensive and sci-fi tastes.

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The 23rd Letter – Black Monday

“Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone.” – John Maynard Keynes The period following the end of the Second World War saw a … Continue reading

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Human Unity

“In teaching there should be no distinction of classes.” – Confucius, Analects XV. 39 Human Unity is a technocratic utopia made up of 85% of Earth’s previous nations and all but two human-founded colonies. As such, the vast majority of … Continue reading

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RQ: Actual Play Thread at RPG.NET

Graham has started a Runequest/Glorantha Actual Play thread at which we can only hope will be as popular as his Delta Green Actual Play thread which has had nearly 40 000 views. I’m going to be putting content here … Continue reading

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RQ: Fantasy Games

Since I joined the group, we’ve been playing either Delta Green (check for kinnygraham’s Actual Play on or Gaslight Cthulhu. Michael’s RuneQuest represents the first game where we haven’t had guns and we are not playing characters who are … Continue reading

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