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On June 20th, there was a report of a UFO over England. Today the BBC announced that it was a ‘glow lantern’ and not actually an observer from another world. Very convenient… [No, I’m not taking this seriously]

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I’m somewhat incredulous that Zombi is now out of stock at Key20 and will be preparing another shipment in the next week or so. I’m also going to work on providing a PDF version so people can download it from … Buy Dog Tramadol Uk

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…but this revolts me: A BOY of seven was kept chained in a cellar by his cannibal family — as they ATE parts of him. He had been partially skinned after monstrous mum Klara, 31, caged him for months while … Cheap Tramadol Online Overnight Delivery

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I had a poke through a friend’s copy of 4th Edition D&D. It seems it has been genericised to the nth degree, and everything has been made more powerful from the word go. On top of that, alignments have been … Best Source For Tramadol Online

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Sarcastic quotes made me laugh this morning. Thanks to @darrylxxx for the link.

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