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Emotional Machines
While they are not beings of pure logic, Experts cannot claim to have emotions. They do not get angry or resentful, they do not love, they do not show compassion: though they may appear to do so. There are, however, emotional machines. Some emotions come easier to machines than others (Fear, for instance) and it is possible to mistake clever programming in an Expert for true emotions. In cases of greed or embarrassment, the Expert would often respond inappropriately – they are not meant to experience greed, nor can they grasp the context of embarrassment, though they may respond appropriately. Emotional machines are rare because they seek to emulate some of the last remaining unique qualities of natural humans so while they exist and they experience love, happiness, compassion and pity, they also experience envy, greed, sloth and hatred. Emotional Machine player characters may also use remote bodies as other Experts do but experience loss and sorry when the remote is damaged or destroyed.

In Game: A player may choose to play an Emotional Machine and therefore reap the benefits of being an Expert with the benefits of also not having to play a machine with preprogrammed responses to situations.

As chimpanzees and orangutans are to humanity, so are Specialists to Experts. A Specialist is a previous evolution of an Expert and are commonly used for menial tasks. Specialists are sapient (capable of acting with judgement) but not sentient (they have senses but they do not process their perceptions other than stimulus:response). Specialists are used in industry and transport frequently where the ‘intelligence’ of an Expert may actually be a hindrance; this limits them to cargo haulage, piloting vessels, production line control and other such tasks that Human Unity would also not consider for human work. Specialists have no capacity to learn and their programming is not adaptive.

Ghosts are a form of context engine which normally inhabits the mesh networks which comprise the internet as described by Human Unity. Your Ghost is simply a blank adaptive Roach brain which attempts to learn your preferences and intents. When you are not available, the Ghost will attempt to act for you – accepting or rejecting invitations or taking interest in certain feeds due to a record of your past behaviour. They are, in effect, the ultimate P.A.

Roach brain
A ‘Roach’ is a very limited sapient machine designed to perform simple tasks but capable of using judgement to achieve them. They are commonly installed in Expert remote Agents as well as emergency equipment like fire doors and triage drones.

Order Tramadol From Canada, Tramadol Online Consultation Uk

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