Matt Johnston wrote and published The 23rd Letter, SpaceninjaCyberCrisis and ZOMBI all prior to 2001. Previous to that he was a prolific gamer at Dragonslayers in Belfast and in ’92 was responsible for creating what would become “Q-CON” by writing the constitution of the club to include the role of convention director. He then organised, agitated, charmed and bullied people into making there be a Q-CON 1…then 2….then 3. Twenty years later it’s still running.

These days he acts, sails yachts and writes screenplays by pillaging his creative youth for ideas.

He’s currently studying Performing Arts at South Eastern Regional college because, in his own words, he understands how to set up a production, doesn’t need to know the technology site of cameras or editing but really is interested in directing, acting and writing.

He’s been in a few plays and a couple of short movies.