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Frontier fiction: The Emotion Elective

AMARA would always marvel at the human capacity for self-deception; the ability to believe something even though the facts were plentiful for the contrary, even though nothing but faith supported the hypothesis. For some humans in the North, there was … Continue reading

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Frontier: Foreword, History of Mbaye Schools, page 23

[I am taking part in a weekly writing task with some friends. The first seed for this assignment was the opening line from Dune by Frank Herbert: “A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the … Continue reading

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Frontier: Conquest Weapons

The common weapon within the Conquest Society is the ‘dumb’ slugthrower. A Chemical Propellent Projectile Weapon (extremely recognisable as a ‘gun’) uses a chemical explosion to create gases which propel a projectile at subsonic or supersonic speeds towards a target. … Continue reading

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Frontier: Terror Weapons

While Human Unity uses weapons which would enthral the 21st Century warlord, from shipboard weapons to intelligent bullets, the greatest and most terrible weapon is the Master Expert, artificial intelligences designed for war. But this weapon does not inspire fear … Continue reading

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Frontier: The Dichotomy of Fulfillment

In an earlier post, I discussed two examples of Citizenship, reproduced here for your convenience: Chera Nyumba was born in a small village in Africa, in an area formerly known as Zambia. She lives with her husband and their three … Continue reading

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Frontier ‘look and feel’

More of a precis to get the feel across. There are a few themes that I am exploring here. And I’m not being preachy about it. Western Europe is devastated and the USA is somewhat ruined but in recovery – … Continue reading

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Frontier summaries

Summary: The basic setting assumes that players are highly skilled, highly motivated members of the Explorer division of Human Unity, a ‘federation’-alike government. Their job is to make contact, explore gaseous anomalies and try not to get killed in the … Continue reading

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Frontier: History of the Future

In the first half of the twentieth century, humanity discovered, developed and weaponised nuclear fission. Through a small amount of vision and a large amount of luck, humanity managed to survive long enough to actually advance these weapons and when … Continue reading

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Frontier: man and machine

While the scientists of Human Unity have pushed the frontiers of science and innovation further than any of their ancestors, there are some areas which they have not dwelled heavily upon. About seventy years ago when the Experts were becoming … Continue reading

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Frontier Swarmtech

Swarmtech is the application of robotics to nanotech principles. Nanotech is used extensively in molecular replicators – large immobile devices designed to replicate thousands of identical objects – often microscopic in scale which are then assembled by more mundate nanorobots … Continue reading

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