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And the result is…

The answer to my last message was a resounding “Ars Magica”. I’m happy about this because I had some of my best fun with Ars Magica back in the 90s. The campaign of Y Draig Goch, a Covenant in the … Continue reading

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Email sent to gaming group

The plan is to have a Plan B game to turn to. I’m happy to run one though you’d have to choose between: Ars Magica (campaigns over years, trouple play, multiple characters – what’s not to like?) Smallville (I’d love … Continue reading

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I’m a fan of the Smallville series (so much so that the collected series is on my Amazon wishlist for October when it’s released). I’ve not watched all of it – only about 20 or so episodes across all of … Continue reading

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Blast from the Past: Traveller.

A fabulous game resource. It’s nowhere near as lovely as the Near Star Map from 2300AD (partially pictured below) but it’s still amazing.

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Here’s forty shillings on the drum, For those that volunteers do come

I’ve been on a little bit of a Napoleonics obsession recently. Part of it starts from reading the Bernard Cornwell ‘Sharpe’ novels and then following up by downloading the entire collection of TV movies from iTunes. At £14.99 for 15 … Continue reading

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