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The Laundry is here

On Thursday I received ‘The Laundry‘ in the post. The announcement came back in March so I was really excited to get the book in the post this week. I have now spent a few hours reading it (all but … Continue reading

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WatchTower New England – Episode 2

Sunday March 17, 2002 (St. Patrick’s Day) From the log of Karl Maclean, WTNE Controller 8am: New recruits have lasted 24 hours without injury or fatality. Void seems to have settled into a leadership role, and may make a decent … Continue reading

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SixSimple: for use with CONTROL

I do like narrative systems. Character Generation You create a character description consisting of up to 10 facts (maybe related to Quirks, Drive, Flaws) and underline 5 of them. These 5 things are your most descriptive traits which may be … Continue reading

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What’s He Building In There?

Title taken from the Tom Waits track. This blossomed into a scenario where the PCs were sent to investigate a murder. A newcomer to a quiet US suburb was found beaten to death in his home. The house is trashed. … Continue reading

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Man vs…

The topic of conversation this morning in the car was the substance of plots. Traditionally, we have plots which are Man versus Man (and yes, I intend to keep the male pronoun because anyone who would be sensitive to it … Continue reading

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I recently registered on Project NEMESIS, a web site dedicated to ORE (One Roll Engine) and BRP. BRP (Chaosium’s Basic RolePlaying). Seeing as my gaming group plays nothing but BRP so far (Delta Green, Gaslight, RuneQuest) and we’re potentially starting … Continue reading

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RQ: Black Rock Epilogue

For two days they plodded in silence, each lost in their own reverie, as they considered the days which had gone before. For most it had been their first encounter with Chaos, their previous duties being the maintenance of law … Continue reading

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RQ: character portraits

Mike puts a LOT of work into his Glorantha. Melo Yelo, the Yelmalion Baboon

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RQ: Actual Play Thread at RPG.NET

Graham has started a Runequest/Glorantha Actual Play thread at which we can only hope will be as popular as his Delta Green Actual Play thread which has had nearly 40 000 views. I’m going to be putting content here … Continue reading

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RQ: Fantasy Games

Since I joined the group, we’ve been playing either Delta Green (check for kinnygraham’s Actual Play on or Gaslight Cthulhu. Michael’s RuneQuest represents the first game where we haven’t had guns and we are not playing characters who are … Continue reading

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