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  1. Brett:) says:

    Wild Talets Newsletters? Do you know how many there were? are there coppies available?

  2. Chris Pierce says:

    I found 23rd Letter in the states and LOVE the simple system. Any chance I could write a few modules for it? It’s a great system, and in this the new Renaissance of roleplay based RPGs, it’s be a shame to see no one playing it. I’ll be running it at some conventions this year (2014).

    I play 23 in a more contemporary horror type of feel, making the Terrata the Cthulhu like menaces that can never be beaten, only delayed.

    • matt says:

      Hi Chris,

      If you want to go for it, please do. I’d love to see a copy or an AP transcript. I don’t get much time for gaming these days so it would be very cathartic!

  3. Casey W. says:

    Could I get a pdf for Zombi?

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