2300AD revival

Am busting out for another game now that kinnygraham has booked Wednesday or Tuesday for a continuation of our much delayed DG campaign. To this end, paulk has nabbed his friends ivorw and jonathanl to join up. I’m intending to introduce them to the world of 2300AD. I’m not 100% sure of the system I’ll use (and finding my rule books was impossible so I bought the PDFs from drivethrurpg).

See how it goes. I need to write a “habilitation” document which will help them get used to things. Things like Stutterwarp, the political situation….and of course the weapons..

Here’s an excerpt from an email:

PaulK wrote:

I’m not into specifics.
I need a big gun that fires lots of big bullets 
very very very quickly. It will be called Mabel. 
Nobody ever messes with anyone called Mabel.

My reply:

I believe standard issue is a 4.5mm Gauss rifle, 
60 round mag, with integral 30mm grenade 
launcher. Single shots are very accurate and it also 
has lower velocity for autofire making it very 
manageable. Optic sights include a low power 
laser range finder.
It's a French model, Fusil Automatique Magnetique-2090.
There's also the Type-81 Storm Gun. A 20 mm 
binary propellant exploding round rifle designed for
light antivehicle anti-bunker fire. Only a 10 round
mag but has surprisingly good area fire cover 
using the standard 20x31mm APHE round. 
Having made your selection, please proceed to the checkout.

He doesn’t care however. Just wants the guns which fire lots.

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