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Would I GM for money?

There’s a bloke on StoryGames who’s advertising his new business: Will GM for money. The price is $50.00 per month of weekly play, as of the 23rd of Febuary, the price is $10.00 per week payable in advance, which including … Continue reading

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My Superhero Game.

I’m not happy with the current crop of superhero games. My favourite is Advanced Marvel Superheroes from TSR which is nearly 20 years old. It’s certainly the most flexible and from the most basic amounts of text, oyu can extrapolate … Continue reading

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James Wallis is back. And you thought he was just tall.

James Wallis, poster boy for the health benefits of vegetarianism and one of the nicest blokes I know now has his own blog. James will always be welcome at my table. I do mean dinner table because it would be … Continue reading

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Tonight at TTN

Tonight at TTN we made characters for my upcoming WatchTower superhero game. True to form we generated them using the random generation rules for the Marvel FASERIP system and we’ll probably convert them to something else later. Paul ended up … Continue reading

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I just started using YouTube

Seems a better way to host videos etc…

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