“Do people still go to cons?”

This year, Q-CON celebrates it’s 15th year.

It was sixteen years ago that I finished the ‘market research’ of conventions in Ireland (via Gaelcon and Warpcon – and getting illicit copies of their after-con reports from by Bothan spies). This was while I was the President of the RPG society, Dragonslayers.

It was a year later that I proposed the convention to the then-committee and we modify the constitution to create the “Convention Director” post and run a convention Q-CON 1 on a wing and a prayer. I organised the Megagame and ran games in 5 game slots that weekend. I got real tired.

For Q-CON 2 and 3, I took the mantle of Convention Director and in the face of promisers (who never deliver) and naysayers (who you should ignore) and no-confidence supporters (who stab you in the back) it was moderately successful. I burned through any good will I had built up and alienated people who didn’t even know me.

So why would I consider running a convention again?

Because someone asked me to?


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4 Responses to “Do people still go to cons?”

  1. pj says:

    You’re mad.

    But you can probably count me in.


  2. matt says:

    And then there were four.

  3. Charles says:

    Err…this is a very late comment/question on a rather old post but do you know who ran year four?

    We are currently attempting to collate the 30 odd years of info and ephemera that make up Irish gaming on http://www.irishgamingwiki.com and as you can guess, are hitting dead ends, missing folk and so on, especially with University conventions and the cyclical nature of society membership and stuff that predates web-fu.

    Obliged if you could help, if not, no harm in asking politely.


  4. matt says:

    No problem – I’ll email you.

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