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A picture is worth a thousand words. Literally.

It’s always been a frustration to me that I can’t draw. Jared and I have debated this a few times during my forays to Paris. Nightfall had the advantage of having DavA, Chippy and Stuart. Lucky bastards. I need artists … Continue reading

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Q-CON. What are we doing for it.

On Monday last I was accosted by a small ginger elf who enquired not what TTN could do for me, but what I could do for TTN in terms of running games. I’m going to run a horror game, a … Continue reading

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More on sexism (plus registration and comments)

I’ve turned off registration for comments because it should be off. Bit of a mea culpa there. I am enjoying the discussion on sexism in RPGs which has been continued on and Mary’s blog. I wrote: “Some game companies … Continue reading

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Tonight at TTN

Tonight at TTN we made characters for my upcoming WatchTower superhero game. True to form we generated them using the random generation rules for the Marvel FASERIP system and we’ll probably convert them to something else later. Paul ended up … Continue reading

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Weekly Gaming

The game at TTN was delayed again essentially because in the middle of the afternoon my car died. I did eventually get a courtesy car but the day was so cocked up anyway, I just cancelled. Today I’m reading the … Continue reading

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