WatchTower State Coverage and the New England Team

Franchise mapThis map shows all 50 states, and which WatchTower franchise(s) cover each state. Those states which are shaded with two colours have agreements with two franchises, and either will respond depending on availability.

The north-east used to be covered by the WatchTower New York, but a series of blunders a few years ago by the operatives at the time created a split. New England and DC created their own franchises and New York’s influence was reduced considerably and awarded to a different vendor (Jack White). New England’s franchise is owned by a consortium led by commercial real estate magnate, Chris Pfeiffer.

The current New England team (codenames and powers):

  • Claymore – Can detonate objects remotely
  • Silverhawk – Silver-armored fast flier
  • Firewall – Fire generator and manipulator
  • Nimbus – Weather controller
  • Gemini – Creates replicas of herself

The two men on the team (Claymore and Firewall) are both capable of vast amounts of destruction. As a result, they have both loyal followers and loud detractors. To date, they have both sufficiently avoided any collateral damage that would result in the kind of bad publicity which shut down the New York franchise. Some say it’s only a matter of time …

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3 Responses to WatchTower State Coverage and the New England Team

  1. aidan says:

    For those of you about to play in the New England game, the characters mentioned above are all NPCs.

  2. Jay says:

    Very excited about getting this game going next week. Have we settled on a night that works for the whole group?

  3. aidan says:

    Thursdays. Emily will be absent for the first few weeks on her honeymoon.

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