TTRPGDESIGN Update: Enhanced

I haven’t spoken much about “Enhanced” but the premise is:

“What if, in the Twilight War, the war to end all wars, there was another agent. Something that arrived on earth nearly 100 years before and spread it’s mutagenic force throughout the world, especially after it was discovered that the mutations could be controlled.

So, you end up with….gods and demons

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TTRPGDesign: Beyond Human update

Progress with Beyond Human has definitely slowed dude to working on other projects; not least ENHANCED for Twilight 2000 and The 23rd Letter 3rd Edition (as well as Xiongguo, Invasion and Rise of R’lyeh. Yes, some of those projects you’ve never heard of, but that’s just another thing slowing things down. Many many projects and I’m just this one person working on them.

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Xiongguo (working title) – playtesting begins

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So, we begin the playtest for Xiongguo (working title) next week. ?I’ve added some additional rules which are pilfered from other systems. ?Xiongguo is a simple, fast, low magic, classless sandbox based in the YZE SRD for playing in an Asian period action adventure game. There is absolutely no attempt to emulate a particular period, only to evoke a certain feeling.

The aim is to produce something that could be used to play in a game of The Water Margin, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Kingdom, The Pirates, Mr Vampire, Once Upon A Time In China, and others. It’s a little low magic to emulate Monkey or Zu Warriors. ?Purists will note I’m not only crossing nations but immensely different time periods because, as I said, this isn’t trying to be a historical recreation

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Beyond Human: Progress Report

Every day brings us a little closer to release day.

Today was about defining the attributes better and working on the rules for Pushing and Channelling powers.

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New Project: Beyond Human

New? I’ve been working on this for a while.

2008. I wrote that in 2008.

The project has advanced. It’s now 70 pages which puts it as the largest book I’ve made to date.

The premise is that it’s a grounded superhero game. I mean, as grounded as superhero games can really be. It’s got a lot of backstory in it because it’s the same game world that I’ve been playing in for decades. Not going to put all of that into the game – only the interesting bits.

But it’s a grounded superhero game. With a Mythos background.

So I asked an artist to sketch something.

That’s Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos.

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