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A hatred of self and the games that do it.

How many games put you in the role of playing Ordinary Joe? Not many. A recent thread on TheRPGSite talks about: Originally Posted by The RPG Cliche List Nephilim Law. In modern-day occult games, mortal humans are considered to have … Continue reading

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A Tale of the Golden Dawn

We’ve begun an investigation as minor members of the Golden Dawn as a break from our Delta Green game. We’ve now got two more sessions before Graham goes on holiday and I doubt we’ll get things finished in time. The … Continue reading

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Tiroconium – March 531

In the fair city of Cirencester, the Duke of Clarence hosts a tournament each year for newly-made knights, called Tiroconium. Two knights have stood out as being particularly noteworthy in this years tourney, Sir Borre and Sir Mordred. Just over … Continue reading

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One Sentence True Stories.

A few months ago I posted on Six Word Stories here and here and on One-Sentence Settings here. Similar to PostSecret comes One Sentence Some of them are just….fantastic.

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From superheroes to Knights errant.

Last night we decided to give The WatchTower a rest as we’ve lost Yellowfist for a couple of months due to his impending martial marital duties. Thus ensued a discussion about what to play instead. A long discussion. We eventually … Continue reading

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