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Progress and updates on the game design process.

Mythos Role-Reversal

Originally posted on Mastodon at #TTRPGDesign Saw someone asking about Mythos role reversal on Reddit. I don’t relish the idea of playing evil characters or Mythos monsters so most of the thread was meh. But characters who are doomed are … Continue reading

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Return to Jorune

I am in the middle of a writing project (Twilight Invasion, if you must know) but this just means I have extra procrastination for other writing projects. I’ve written about Jorune before. There’s some activity on the Jorune Facebook page … Continue reading

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Silver Haired Sentinels: Superheroic Role-Playing in the Retirement Age

Take on the reigns of a retired superhero living out their lives in a retirement home with other seniors. Try and relive smome of your glory days while fighting authoritarian wardens, the rigours of modern life and a family that … Continue reading

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Latest Project: Silver Haired Sentinels

I’ve been working on this for a while now – and just waiting on a few art pieces to be finished. So, what is it? Silver Haired Sentinels is a roleplaying game about the residents and staff of a Continuing … Continue reading

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Twilight Tangents: LEGION

I just started watching the Legion TV series (bought on iTunes) and it’s absolutely compelling. And then that made me think that it could easily be modelled using The 23rd Letter or Twilight:2000 with Twilight Tangents 1.0. David is obviously … Continue reading

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