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Cherry Hinton

I have a friend who looks just like Cherry Hinton. No, not the town. The character Jared Earle used to play in SLA Industries who was nicely illustrated by Dave Allsop. The really weird thing is that she even calls … Continue reading

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Looking for some men in tights

Back in 1998/99, we played my WatchTower campaign with Aidan, Gavin, John, Alan (and Iain briefly). The team took over an Avengers-style franchise in San Francisco and fought several implacable foes, befriended some, lost others and rid the world of … Continue reading

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Gaming Last Night: Gizeh and ZOMBIES!!!

Last night’s effort consisted of a rather fun 3D game of Connect 4 called Gizeh. And then we played the Zombies!!! boardgame. Gizeh really is quite brain tiring as it’s a race to win all the 4s and you keep … Continue reading

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One sentence settings…

This is kinda reminiscent of the “Six Word Stories” posting from a while back and also acts as a reminder for you to go read Story-Games. Just do it. It’s the right thing to do. Anyway, the concept is a … Continue reading

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From the National Archives, a tutorial on paleography. Fascinating subject and with a little work you can use it to construct some fairly classy looking props for games. I was first introduced to it by my friend Paul and found … Continue reading

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Gaming again

Gaming resumes next week with both KinnyGraham’s DG game and my own Zombi game. It’s been a dry couple of weeks.

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Here we go. Candles: lit. Pentagram: drawn. Chicken: ungh, ungh, decapitated.

This humourous post It’s almost like this Wicca shit doesn’t even work really made me chuckle. It runs core to the magic system in Qabal – almost identical. And of course the punchline is o so ironic

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Reading tonight

I’ve read a fabulous article about Opium which dictates why we should blame the British Government for the modern drug cartels. Not to mention toe futility of the War on Drugs. Hypocrisy at it’s best. Also an interesting one about … Continue reading

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WotW: Earth – Bows against the Lightning

“Forthwith the six guns which, unknown to anyone on the right bank, had been hidden behind the outskirts of that village, fired simultaneously. The sudden near concussion, the last close upon the first, made my heart jump. The monster was … Continue reading

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