Hire Me As A GM

About me

Hi, I’ve been a GM for nearly 40 years, I’ve published half a dozen small press RPGs and playtested heaps more and I founded the largest games convention in my country…which is still running more than 27 years later. I prefer Theatre of the Mind/Narrativist style, in these days of online gaming I find Discord matched with a Whiteboard app to be a good compromise. I do roll dice but I’ll err on the side of the player and the narrative every time. I’ve run games for Gaelcon and Warpcon over the years but my own convention is Q-CON in Belfast which I founded and have run a legion of games for. My tastes in games do run to the new and/or esoteric, far beyond the list below. I’ve run epic campaigns in Marvel FASERIP, Ars Magica, SLA Industries and my own home brew games. I prefer “culture” games where there’s a better amount of depth possible. I’m the writer, publisher of The 23rd Letter RPG, SpaceNinjaCyberCrisis XDO, Testament, Creed, ZOMBI and Nor Gloom Of Night as well as the designer and writer of half a dozen other smaller games (which for the most part are on my web site). I’m a good voice actor, as well as a real life amateur actor on stage and film and I like it when people immerse themselves.

GM style

Roleplay and Storytelling, Narrativist style are primary. I’m tactics-lite, using hand drawn maps and more eyeballing than breaking out a ruler which can slow down the game. I’m great with voice and full body acting from experience on stage and film but also a full immersion in the characters I play. I like to weave epic tales. Depending on your choices you’ll ether be saving the world or running from its destruction. I play and GM way more game than they have in the list. Let’s have a chat and see what’s your interest.


Get in touch directly or use my Startplaying link.