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Solo: The Hero’s Journey (Part 3)

After generating all the names for the main people in Toby’s life, I came up with a bunch of background – all of this just came to me as I typed it into an IM to Matt. I think having … Continue reading

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Solo: What’s in a name?

I’ve seen a bunch of name generators, especially around generating random fantasy names, or names that look Tolkien-esque. However, this random name generator is for normal first and last names, as might be found in the USA. I can set … Continue reading

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A Box brimming with Scary Things

Joshua Hoffine’s online portfolio is truly creepy. Take one part Little Fears, one part

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Solo: The Hero’s Journey (Part 2)

mj: I do wonder how superheroes pay their way aidan: Ever see ‘Dead Like Me’ ? mj: one or two eps aidan:They addressed that a bit. mj: didn’t they all have to have full time jobs? aidan: Pretty much 🙂 … Continue reading

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Images from the past…

Autochrome images from around the world from the start of the 20th Century. My favourite? No, it doesn’t look anything like that any more. How good would it be if some of the art we have planned for WotW appeared … Continue reading

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