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Dune – The Sobaki

Hasimir Fenring has to be one of the most interesting minor characters in the book. A “might have been”, deadly, BG-trained, and seemingly with fingers in every pie. But it begs the question about other might have beens and “the … Continue reading

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Dune – preparation game notes

It must be noted that I have no direct plans to run a Dune game. But I am a little forced by my mind to examine the game and the concepts deeper than should be permitted as I am after … Continue reading

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The One Ring, session 01 – A Once-Forgotten Treasure

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks generating characters over Discord. We have one player in Seattle, two in Ireland, one in England, one in Cornwall and myself in Northern Ireland. First session last night. “A Once-Forgotten Treasure” The Company: … Continue reading

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Tomb of the Snake King

My kids and I made a game for a Game Jam this weekend, which had a theme of “It Never Ends”. My youngest daughter (age 12) created all the art and music for the game, while my son (age 15) … Continue reading

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