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Return to Jorune

I am in the middle of a writing project (Twilight Invasion, if you must know) but this just means I have extra procrastination for other writing projects. I’ve written about Jorune before. There’s some activity on the Jorune Facebook page … Continue reading

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Watchtower play test reflections

The recent posts about Watchtower were from a one-shot adventure I ran for my son’s gaming group. They’ve been playing (mostly) D&D together regularly for 3-4 years, and it was a good opportunity to test out the rules with a … Continue reading

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Watchtower SF: August 4th

Bergs in the Bay! San Francisco Chronicle Meteorologists were shocked today when a massive iceberg several miles long appeared off the coast of Marin County, seemingly on a collision course for the Golden Gate Bridge! “This iceberg cannot be a … Continue reading

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Watchtower SF: some recent headlines

Whyte Buys Watchtower SF San Francisco Chronicle, July 1st 2022 Jack Whyte, exotic and indestructible billionaire, adds Watchtower SF to his stable of Watchtower franchises. This brings his franchise total to four, starting in 2013 with the NYC franchise, and … Continue reading

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Twilight Tangents: LEGION

I just started watching the Legion TV series (bought on iTunes) and it’s absolutely compelling. And then that made me think that it could easily be modelled using The 23rd Letter or Twilight:2000 with Twilight Tangents 1.0. David is obviously … Continue reading

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