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[Hiring] Comic Book Superheroes for an RPG

Hi folks, After a somewhat abortive attempt on Fiver to get some superhero art for my upcoming RPG, I thought I would try here. I’m looking for panels which wouldn’t look out of place in “Planetary” (John Cassaday) or “Captain … Continue reading

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MURDERDROME: iPhone comic reader BANNED!

Wednesday afternoon I popped round to Paul’s house for a quick chat (and a couple of headache tablets) and I saw a demo of MurderDrome, the first iteration of a new comic application for the iPhone. There have been a … Continue reading

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Frontier: opening the book

I find myself thinking a lot about Frontier these days. (It’s probably because I have some self-imposed deadlines for ‘Illusion’ and ‘6’.) Over the last couple of years I’ve harvested some twenty names from the freelancer forums of as … Continue reading

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Starship Concept Art

Picked up this link to amazing starship concept art over on theRPGSite forums.

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WotW: Earth – Art

Last night I commissioned two art pieces from Storn Cook for the upcoming War of the Worlds book. I really like Storn’s art (massive thread on here) and he was very nice when I enquired about the commission and … Continue reading

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Raising the bar

I’m arrogant to believe that I can write and, to be honest, most of the time the feedback has been pretty good. I like writing, it’d be nice to do it for a living (and not the stressful but boring … Continue reading

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So you want to be a writer

I got this from the blog of reknowned comic artist PJ Holden So you want to be a writer? Or do you want to make a living as a writer?

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northerain is the blog of the artist behind Bloodsong Media. I like his stuff which he describes as: My style is more or less based on existing photographs. I use those to paint over them in photoshop. Since they’re not … Continue reading

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I need a concept artist

I hate the fact that I’m crap at drawing. I can describe stuff but I’m finding more and more that I want to find a concept artist. I want to have some images to post with the content I’m writing. … Continue reading

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