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Frontier – new art, old art

Would really like the time and energy to get life paths done this month. Depends on life and everything. I did get some new art commissioned.

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Frontier – thinking while watching The Expanse

I’ve just started a binge of The Expanse TV series and if I enjoy it, I’ll hit the book series. There are things I really like about The Expanse. They maintain momentum and include it in part of the story … Continue reading

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A recent surge in interest in 2300AD at The Pub has me peering at the BladeRunner RPG as a possible shim to run it. Ditching the promotion and humanity rules of course. As I tend to run my games a … Continue reading

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EXCESSION: Session 1

Excession is a new low-to-mid powered superhero game using the Year Zero Engine. Session 1 Excession is a privately owned non profit organisation that seems to have unlimited money and a private army. Louis and Jana are two hard chargers … Continue reading

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