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Setting Riff: Oa versus Krypton

A thousand years ago, on the planet Krypton, there was a technologically advanced, cruel and nihilistic race which carved a vast stellar empire, subjugating thousands of civilisations under their regime. Only one planet managed to overthrow the grip of the … Continue reading

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iPad at the gaming table

This picture is made of awesome. It’s from a thread on RPGnet titled: iPad owners – how much are you really using it for gaming purposes? Of course, this uber-geek is just as impressed with the transparent grid paper used … Continue reading

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The theft of the Book of Raziel

I’ve stolen the main text here from page 54 of the Smallville RPG but remodeled it on Qabal: Isaac’s player, James, says, “I step into the room from where I have been eavesdropping and accuse Rothschilde of stealing the Book … Continue reading

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Cold-Blooded Killers

Lizaur on TheRPGSite commented: Well, the vast majority of RPG has leeengty chapters just about how to kill people, so what do you expect my players do? Being a bunch of cold-blooder killer bastards, that’s. The fuckers. Which stands to … Continue reading

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OK, it’s no secret I’m just a big geek.

I got the Serenity book a few months ago from Sub City in Dublin and the Smallville book arrived today from Amazon. Both use derivatives of the Cortex system from Margaret Weiss Productions. While Serenity uses the Cortex systems in … Continue reading

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