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Solipsist RPG Review

I ordered Solipsist yesterday, paper and PDF, and spent a bit of last night poring over the PDF version. I’ll start out this potted review by saying that it’s shockingly good, easily one of the best Indie games I’ve read. … Continue reading

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What’s an ARG?

The Technology column in the Guardian writes: An ARG is an interactive narrative in which players work together to solve puzzles and co-ordinate activities in the real world and online, using websites, GPS tracking devices, telephone lines, newspaper adverts and … Continue reading

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There are video games that you can actually live inside.

The following quote is from “Cybergeneration”, an RPG dating from §993 by R. Talsorian Games. With direct visual feed, projected ICONs at will, and a way of interacting with these projections, all the pieces were now in place to create … Continue reading

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Zombi RPG

the earth won’t hold the dead What if the people who were dead got up one day? What if they got up and started killing other people? What if the people they killed just got back up and killed some … Continue reading

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The Great Game

Alternate Reality Games (or Layered Reality Games) are going to be big. When someone mentions ARGs, I always think of Total Recall (the film) [thanks Eamon]. The protagonist takes a virtual holiday which interweaves the real world with a spy … Continue reading

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Zombi Ts…

To coincide with the next printing of Zombi and the ‘very soon’ release of the PDF version, we’ve put some Zombi Ts on CafePress. Click on the image (or here) to go through to Store. We’ll be adding more Ts … Continue reading

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6 – Terminology

(Though I’m still unsure of the final name to call this game, for the time being I’m going to be referring to it both by the nom de plume ‘6’ and the nom de guerre ‘CONTROL’. I hope that suffices … Continue reading

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Viking Ghost Hunt – a ‘hyperlocal’ Dublin-based game

While down at the National Digital Research Centre last week, I saw a brief presentation from two Dutch guys, Soren and Mads, who were making an iPhone game which overlaid a game on top of reality using GPS and cell … Continue reading

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Fonts, fonts, my kingdom….

I’m having trouble identifying a font I used for the original printing of ZOMBI and this is the replacement I have come up with. The original was quite clean and had a name like ‘corroded’ or ‘corrupted’. The potential new … Continue reading

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I’ve spent the last week working on the PDF version of zombi. I’ve been updating bits and pieces as well, adding in references for “Fast Zombies” and other things which have been popular in the years since the book was … Continue reading

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I’ve been reading a lot and prepping my ‘superhero’ game and though I love the concept of GODLIKE and Wild Talents, it’s really turned into an exercise of accountancy. I don’t like point buy systems which encourage you to minmax. … Continue reading

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