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Current Inspirations

Portal – for the non-violent nature of it and the neat teleportation physics puzzles. And removing half of the stupid ways to die. And for this. Mirror’s Edge on iPad – for the simple swipe-based mechanics, showing us a new … Continue reading

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Games in Education

I believe that my playing of games has contributed positively to my development as an individual. Traditionally advocacy for gaming has included the development of teamwork and leadership skills, understanding of competition, resource management and also a greater appreciation of … Continue reading

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BLOC54 – GameStorming

Equally useful for the development of tabletop game ideas, this method was used tonight to brainstorm some ideas for videogames in our local game development cluster.

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Yellowcon 2010 (Warhammer 40K Tournament)

Warhammer 40K Tournament (Yellowcon 2010) Sunday, August 29, 2010 from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM (GMT) Stormont Hotel 587 Upper Newtownards Road BT4 3LP Belfast United Kingdom REGISTER HERE 1750 point tournament. Prizes for winner & runner-up. Access the rules … Continue reading

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The Fun Theory

When designing games I tend to think about what will make the game more ‘sticky’. At the start, I can usually enthuse someone about a game by talking to them about it. You’re the consummate salesperson for your game and … Continue reading

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8 Bit Demakes

This article describes 8 bit de-makes – remaking some of todays popular games in 8 bit and 16 bit forms. Some of them still look amazing such as Little Big Planet and Mirrors Edge. All of them are great but … Continue reading

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Runnin and Jumpin genre mash

Earlier this week, we had a meeting of local iOS developers and we segued into a conversation about the development of game ideas ahead of a ‘gamestorming’ event we have planned for next week. We talked about the development of … Continue reading

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I would not have played if…

From Wired: A federal judge is allowing a negligence lawsuit to proceed against the publisher of the online virtual-world game Lineage II, amid allegations that a Hawaii man became so addicted he is “unable to function independently in usual daily … Continue reading

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Review of 20 non-video games at Gamasutra

Gamasutra has an interesting set of articles on real-world game design. [Game Design Essentials returns with an extensive review of some of the most interesting non-electronic games, from traditional cultural games like Chess and Go through pen-and-paper role playing titles … Continue reading

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