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Superheroes can be dicks

Forget Iron Man. PJ pointed me at the new Hancock trailer. It’s true, Hancock has gone from being a “Wild Wild West” kind of camp nonsense movie to a movie I’d really like to see and a game I’d like … Continue reading

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What’s that in the background?

Today I had lunch with Mike and Jim in Kainan Cafe. We then went round to Forbidden Planet where I refrained from buying a lot of stuff. This is self-control, I tellya.

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“I don’t have any choice, somebody has to save the world”

I’ve been reading a lot of old comics this week. Warren Ellis Planetary The Eclipse Miracleman stories. I’m trying to track down my Authority trade paperbacks as well. There’s been a recent thread on about creating a setting where … Continue reading

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OREs Magica

I spent some time at work today thinking about things that could be done with the ORE system. I admit that I’ve not yet had the chance to really test it in anger Part of this is to kick a … Continue reading

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Feeling Planetary Love

OMG, I’m feeling the love for Planetary all over again. I’m itching to run a Planetary-like game using Wild Talents. Soooo much….

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