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I’ve finished reading the book itself and found it quite enjoyable. I do have some issues with the quick proliferation of Talents and would be seeking to limit them myself. I don’t mind them being very powerful (though there seem to be a lot of indestructable ‘mad’ talents out there.

The money is still on the table on whether it’ll be North Africa or Pacific. Africa would be my preference.

Jim’s background goes into heaps of detail and allowed me to build the Talent power he wanted (I think) using a combination of two powers. It turns him from a simple one-sided Talent into something a little more exciting.

Michael provided two options – the mundane and the spectacular. I much prefer the “mundane” but have a lot of questions about what happens and how.

I’ve not got much detail from Graham yet but that’s probably more to do with my lack of information provision which I’ll remedy this week.

I’m also not sure whether Paul or Aidan will be able to participate. Paul has an awkward schedule and Aidan is in the wrong country (so we’re considering RP via Skype Video).

My next post will be going through the character generation process to make a couple of Talents for the game.

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