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WatchTower New England Episode 1

WatchTower secretly recruits new members by Rhonda McAvoy of The Boston Globe March 17th, 2002 Three new WatchTower operatives were spotted yesterday in and around the greater metro area. While no information has been forthcoming from the New England franchise, … Continue reading

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SixSimple: for use with CONTROL

I do like narrative systems. Character Generation You create a character description consisting of up to 10 facts (maybe related to Quirks, Drive, Flaws) and underline 5 of them. These 5 things are your most descriptive traits which may be … Continue reading

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CONTROL: How to run the game. Part 1.

Starting the Game This game has the rather traditional role of GameMaster assigned to one player, usually “C”. The player will be provided with missions in one of two ways. TOP-DOWN Requests which come from GOVERNMENT and are passed to … Continue reading

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