WatchTower New England Episode 1

WatchTower secretly recruits new members

by Rhonda McAvoy of The Boston Globe
March 17th, 2002

Unknown WatchTower Operative floats over Old Ship Church

Unknown WatchTower Operative floats over Old Ship Church

Three new WatchTower operatives were spotted yesterday in and around the greater metro area. While no information has been forthcoming from the New England franchise, the identity of one of the new recruits has been confirmed as Vanja Mestrovic, also known as Void. Void’s intimidating black and featureless body was seen in Stoughton yesterday morning and in Hingham yesterday afternoon. He was accompanied by two old men of Asian decent, and all were wearing WatchTower clothing.

“Void’s a good guy,” says Jimmy Cortez, who worked with him at Devon Energy, an oil company. “It takes a while to get used to him having eight eyes, but he’s got a heart of gold.” Whether that’s true remains to be seen. Katherine Simmons, manager at Ikea in Stoughton, told us that he was very intimidating. “He walked in here, butt naked, with his two crazy friends and I gotta tell ya, I was scared.” Simmons wasn’t able to tell us anything about why the trio visited her store, as the investigation is still ongoing.

The sightings in Hingham were centered around the Old Ship Church. One of Void’s companions, who identified himself to local tourists as “Seven” levitated up over the church to survey the roof. The third man, wearing a thick Japanese kimono bearing the WatchTower logo, is still to be identified. The minister of the church, Rev. Kenneth H. Read-Brown stated that the WatchTower was there as a precautionary measure, given the recent spate of anti-church exotic crime on the East Coast being perpetrated by the so-called Downward Spiral group.

Does this mean that WTNE has decided to hire more operatives? While it has long been the opinion of this reporter that six is too few, why choose now to recruit? And why the secrecy? As of yet, no-one at WatchTower New England or HQ in San Francisco has been willing to comment on this development.

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One Response to WatchTower New England Episode 1

  1. Jay (void) says:

    The last couple of years have been bearable, but not much more. Construction has a certain element of predictability about it that I’ve appreciated, but with that stability came a certain boredom I hadn’t entirely anticipated. The calm has been good for me, but it was getting old.

    This weekend has been a welcome change of pace. I mean, I’ve known about the Watchtower for years, but it never seemed like my kind of life. But when they came knocking on my door (literally) I’ll admit that a bit of cabin fever mixed with some curiosity and the next thing I knew I was pouring over files in the Boston WT building.

    I’m a little nervous about the fact that our predecessors at the WT offices vanished without a trace. On the upside, I’m with some new faces that I feel like I can trust; even though I’m hard pressed to see how they’ll help if it gets rough.

    Didn’t expect the girl though. She’s young and a bit obnoxious but I appreciate that she brings our average age back down to something more reasonable. The fella at the WT, Carl, must have a couple other people in the wings still, as I think we might be in a little over our heads with all these cases the previous crew left behind. We could use a few more sets of hands.

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