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The One Ring

I was really surprised to see this arrive: The One Ring This is the latest game based around The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. The art is simply amazing and the only reservation I have is around the … Continue reading

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It’s full of stars

Ocean Sky from Alex Cherney on Vimeo. Absolutely breathtaking. And if we ever got some decent weather (and I had a decent camera), I’d like to do some more time-lapse photography. I’ve meddled with it in the past as you … Continue reading

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On TV, on your phone and online through music and games Something is happening The way people create and engage in stories is changing Resonance is a grand narrative told across multiple platforms on a massive scale A new science-fiction … Continue reading

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OK, it’s no secret I’m just a big geek.

I got the Serenity book a few months ago from Sub City in Dublin and the Smallville book arrived today from Amazon. Both use derivatives of the Cortex system from Margaret Weiss Productions. While Serenity uses the Cortex systems in … Continue reading

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RIP Six Flags New Orleans 2000-2005

Six Flags New Orleans is an amusement park in New Orleans, Louisiana, which has been closed since Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005. The park is located in Eastern New Orleans, in the Ninth Ward of the city off Interstate 510. … Continue reading

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Current Inspirations

Portal – for the non-violent nature of it and the neat teleportation physics puzzles. And removing half of the stupid ways to die. And for this. Mirror’s Edge on iPad – for the simple swipe-based mechanics, showing us a new … Continue reading

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Primer: One of the Best Sci-Fi Movies

Shane Carruth, writer and director of the lo-fi scifi flick Primer, has uploaded the entire film to Google Video so you can watch it for free. The plot is quite complex – so pay attention and lay off the mind-altering … Continue reading

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In terms of special effects, I’d love to know how they do the superhero style special effects like in in Hancock and more recently, an EMINEM video (forward to about 3 minutes): and Push I’ve not been posting much because … Continue reading

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Bug Eyed Monsters

From Beyond the Beyond at Wired. See More.

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THE RAVEN is a short film, looking a little like a far future version of The 23rd Letter. This made it a lot of fun to watch and I’d love to see it made into a feature. I don’t think … Continue reading

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Amazing content on Games and Reality

This is 28 minutes of chuckles and amazing insight on how everything we touch will become a game. Eventually. Who is going to lead us?

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Dark Water Studios’ Dogfighter: Spring 2010

I don’t normally go for PC games but I’m enthused by Dogfighter by Dark Water Studios, a Derry-based outfit who plan to release their game in Spring 2010. I’d love an iPhone/iPad version of it.

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Via @hitman2victor: “If a Tunguska event happened over Belfast most of the City would be obliterated.” Using the High Yield Detonation Effects Simulator: Be a terrible shame, eh?

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Surviving the Z-Apocalypse

Paul Anthony sent me this: Surviving the Inevitable Z-Apocalypse Click through and have a full read. It’s Zombtastic!

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Left4Dead, on Expert

“It’s a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, I can’t be held accountable for my actions!!!!” Some of us (me, Savage_MF, kinnygraham and Pulse4333) have been playing this in the evenings and I must say it’s probably the best FPS I’ve played in a … Continue reading

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MURDERDROME: iPhone comic reader BANNED!

Wednesday afternoon I popped round to Paul’s house for a quick chat (and a couple of headache tablets) and I saw a demo of MurderDrome, the first iteration of a new comic application for the iPhone. There have been a … Continue reading

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The Decktet is a deck of cards with suits, ranks, and named images. It is structurally unlike ordinary poker and tarot decks, meaning that you can do different things with it. This looks very cool and makes me think about … Continue reading

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Government scrambles to conceal UFO

On June 20th, there was a report of a UFO over England. Today the BBC announced that it was a ‘glow lantern’ and not actually an observer from another world. Very convenient… [No, I’m not taking this seriously]

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Lucky Ringo

Greg Stolze writes on his web page: What I learned … is that the best creative partnerships are the ones where each of you thinks the other guy is doing 70% of the work, and you’re the lucky Ringo along … Continue reading

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UFO files from The National Archives

Lots of PDFs, a video and an MP3. The files contain a wide range of UFO-related documents covering the years 1978–2002. So if you want to find out more about lights in the sky over Waterloo Bridge, near misses by … Continue reading

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