Here Be Dragons – a new enemy for Twilight 2000

Here Be Dragons – A new Enemy for Twilight 2000
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Here Be Dragons is a different look at the post-apocalyptic world after a awakening of an ancient enemy brings our civilisation to ruin. This reign of Draconic Rulers brings down a Rain of Fire and destruction by tooth and fang.

Smoke fills the air, the taste of burning is on your tongue and in your nose. Your belly rumbles as you’ve not had enough food these last three days and forever you have one eye on the horizon and one ear listening out for the beat of wings.

On Monday, the 24th of August, 2000, the world ended.

An enemy that had laid dormant for over a thousand years, clawed its way out of deep pits and took to the air. Their time had returned, their world for the taking.
With claw and tooth and fire, they razed entire cities to embers, picked off the thousands who ran and created vast nests in the high places.

The Earth had brought forth Dragons.

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