New Project: Beyond Human

New? I’ve been working on this for a while.

2008. I wrote that in 2008.

The project has advanced. It’s now 70 pages which puts it as the largest book I’ve made to date.

The premise is that it’s a grounded superhero game. I mean, as grounded as superhero games can really be. It’s got a lot of backstory in it because it’s the same game world that I’ve been playing in for decades. Not going to put all of that into the game – only the interesting bits.

But it’s a grounded superhero game. With a Mythos background.

So I asked an artist to sketch something.

That’s Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos.

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2 Responses to New Project: Beyond Human

  1. Blinky55 says:


    superheroes and cthulhu sound great, can you give an approximate date on the project beeing published?

    Also what era will the game be set in, modern or the 1920 like the standart mythos?

    • matt says:

      The published era will be modern. There’s enough Pulp Hero vs the Mythos out there. Though there’s nothing stopping an enterprising Referee from setting the game in any time period.

      It’s still in development. Mostly background material being produced. System is done.

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