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The WhiteChapel Project

The Project in Whitechapel was formed in September 1941 as a subsection of the Special Operations Executive (SOE). The SOE was directed to encourage espionage behind enemy lines and build the core of a resistance cell in the event of … Continue reading

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Two Worlds: A State of Frenzy

“We’re doomed I tell you. That planet is hurtling through space towards the Earth and we haven’t the power to stop it.” Doctor Henry Warwick of the Royal Observatory could hardly have known that as he spoke, a rocketship sped … Continue reading

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Two Worlds

What if Prospero didn’t just loop through time and space but also dimensions? What if it revealed to the modern world the battleground of an unknown war, the genocides of a victorious hero, the possible fates of our world if … Continue reading

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It’s been slow here…

…and I apologise. From June last year until July this year I was working in a very low creativity (but nicely paid) job which meant that from the very minute I left the office, I was bursting with creativity and … Continue reading

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