It’s been slow here…

…and I apologise.

From June last year until July this year I was working in a very low creativity (but nicely paid) job which meant that from the very minute I left the office, I was bursting with creativity and had to get stuff written. In July, I left that job and started working as the Network Facilitator for The Digital Circle.

I speak to creative people every day. I’m on the road most of the day meeting and greeting. And when I got back from my honeymoon, I was brought into the fold of possibly the greatest thing to happen to digital media this century which is only a small amount of hyperbole. So, the situation has changed considerably.

That said, I have felt the impact of this lack of personal creativity and, lacking a suitable medium during the day, I turn again to LateGaming to provide me with the outlet I require, the relief from the frustration of not being a writer, a creator.

It’s probably hard for other people to understand, especially as I’m probably a mediocre writer in the first place but it’s a need. And the writing does give relief.

Anyway. I shall endeavour to do better.

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One Response to It’s been slow here…

  1. Mark says:

    I know the feeling… except for me it’s kids that swallow my creative energies and not a cool job.

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