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“Everything looks like a monster in the fog.” – Aki Bahrampour
INTRODUCTION: As the last offensive failed, the brass decided to wheel out their last, big weapon. Drawing on decades of research in their secret bioweapons division, they finally unleashed Operation Verdigris in the war-torn fields of the front. No-one was prepared for what came out of the Gloom.
The Gloom is a supplement for Twilight 2000 4th Edition but could easily work for any post-apocalyptic game or any Year Zero Engine game. Players will have to fight their way out of the Gloom and then, possibly, fight their way back in again.

Enhanced is a supplement for Twilight: 2000 4th Edition.
Enhanced provides a framework for super soldiers in the Twilight War, based on alien particles discovered in the aftermath of the Tunguska Event. From these mutagenic agents, the Americans build heroes at their secret base in Raven Rock and the Soviets build monsters which roam the forests of the Urals.


Ex Sanguine and De Occulta are two books we released last month which present a basis for playing Vampires and Sorcerors in a Year Zero Engine-powered dark urban fantasy. Download them now and try out our new system, based on Year Zero but with some specific enhancements for the genre.

CONTRACTORS is a supplement for Twilight 2000 4th Edition detailing the operations of private military contractors in the years leading up to the Twilight War. It provides a slightly different backdrop to the game but could be an excellent introduction to the Twilight War for intrepid players who want a little more story before the war.
Build your ex-Special Forces team and then construct your Private Military Company. Choose from more than a dozen mission briefs and get your Merc team out into the world.
New Equipment. New Specialisations. New Rules. Just add Soldiers of Fortune.

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Finally available, the second edition of The 23rd Letter. Free to anyone with the Second Edition in Print. And just in time for the Third “Fury” Edition to be released. Get in touch if you need your copy.

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“Your Emotions Make You Human, Even The Unpleasant Ones Have A Purpose”

In Kick Murder, the players are catapulted into a world of danger and uncertainty. Their humdrum jobs, their dangerous jobs, the sorts of jobs that no-one would want to do – no human anyway. And the moment they discover that they’re not so different from their human masters is their first Moment – the first opportunity they have to escape the Containment of their life.

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Silver Haired Sentinels: superheroic roleplaying in the Retirement Age.

Take on the reigns of a retired superhero living out their lives in a retirement home with other seniors. Try and relive smome of your glory days while fighting authoritarian wardens, the rigours of modern life and a family that would rather they didn’t have to visit so often.

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Through Free League Workshop on DriveThruRPG, two genre-bending tangents for Twilight:2000 4th Edition. The first, bringing ZOMBI to the war torn theatre of operations, introduces the players to fast and slow zombies and the fungal bio weapon which caused it all and accelerated the collapse. The second, bringing the paranoid world of The 23rd Letter as military combatants in the third world war, allows players to be fragile psychics in a world that cannot tolerate weakness.

The book includes rules for zombies (new critical and attack tables) as well as for psychic powers (telepathy, mind control, telekinesis, fire starting, healing and psychometry) all ready for use in Twilight:2000 4th Edition.

Download here on DriveThruRPG:

Now available through the Free League Workshop, four mysteries for Twilight: 2000 referees who want something mysterious in their game. Ready to slot into an existing campaign or you can use the places (and maps) provided.

This does the work of expanding the environment of post-apocalyptic Europe from military missions and bleak survival to mystery, conspiracy and mythology. From the fertility gods of old, to a modern curse, from a lost child to revenge beyond the grave. In the lonely forests, there are things that move unbidden and mysteries that should remain mysteries.

The stats within are for Twilight: 2000 4th Edition but the scenarios and encounters can be used for any WW2 era or modern day mystery game

Includes high res maps of important locations and also a lower res doc for reference.

Download here on DriveThruRPG:–Mystery-Scenarios-for-T2K4

Zombi is a roleplaying game set in the world of the Zombi. The Dead walk the lands, killing and eating the living. Society has fallen and the only thing left now is to break out, find an island somewhere, live a little…before then end. But there must be more than just static and deserted cities out there? Sometimes you hear the radio talk for a while, sometimes you see lights in the sky and they remind you that even as the streets are haunted with shambling, rotting monsters, humanity is out there waiting for a chance to reclaim everything.


Hot on the heels of “Nor Gloom of Night”, we just released the first version of the ERIS Modern rules. This is the ruleset behind The 23rd Letter and perfect for using with any modern game. It’s crunchy, detailed guns yet designed with narrative games in mind. You’ll need 3d10 to use it and some pens and paper.


Nor Gloom of Night is a post-apocalyptic setting of hope made for your favourite modern RPG. Become a horse-riding agent of the Reformation States twenty years after the fall of the United States of America. The dangers out there are many; from self-proclaimed warlords to diseases long thought eradicated by modern medicine, from the people themselves to the harsh winters of the North West of North America.

You, and your compatriots, as Greycaps, are the line drawn between the rebirth of civilisation and the fall into a dark age. It’s up to you to uphold the ideals of the past and propel us into the future.


Testament is a description of the last days of Earth. The game begins with the world ending. It doesn’t end in a day but rather over a period of time. Devils and angels walk the Earth picking out the last of the virtuous and the damned and helping or hindering where they can. People will not see winged beings plucking people from the street but they will notice people going missing and the world being seemingly populated by strangers.

The Players commonly take the roles of normal people who are still on Earth during this tumultuous period. The actions of the player characters will decide whether or not they are to be saved or damned and they may also perform a role in the judgement of those they meet. Common themes within the game are isolation, alienation, self- gratification, exploitation, retribution, redemption and damnation. These can be explored within the confines of the game using fictional characters.


Creed is a description of the last days of Earth. It picks up where Testament left off to a certain degree but also looks at the world of Testament from a different angle. The sun still shines but your character may know for how long. When he sees the shadows lengthen on an evening he may know if it is to be the last. Despite evidence to the contrary, the End is nigh.

They are the few who know what is going on – those who may have a pipeline into the Divine or a hotline into the Abyss. How this is revealed is different for every character. For some it will be pillars of salt, for others a burning bush. Some might see the truth in the morning dew while others must seek visions in the embrace of the lash. They are both blessed and cursed with a terrible foresight of coming events.

The actions of the player characters may actually make a difference in the grander scheme. They have the knowledge to take action, the will to stand firm, the faith to make a difference. Common themes within the game are fear, ambition, deception, conflict, revelation, redemption and damnation. These can be explored within the confines of the game using fictional characters.


Coming soon….


The 23rd Letter

The 23rd Letter is the definitive psychic conspiracy RPG. Includes a huge amount of information on psychic powers. Character sheet PDFs and the Wild Talents supplements are available free.


A self contained game set in a world filled with beautiful cyborgs, cute robots, superfast cyberbikes, powered exoskeletons, giant mechanoids, speed lines, comical pets, strange aliens, maniacal villains and demons with amazing groinal powers. The perfect bound A5 book is introduced by a four page comic drawn by the artist is P.J.Holden, known for professional comics work (DNA Swamp, Caliber Comics, 200AD, Judge Dredd Megazine, Fearless).

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  1. Hey Matt,

    I recently found my copy of the 23rd Letter and was planning a post on my blog about it. I see that it is still available and want to mention it on my post for anyone interested but wonder what the rough cost it would be to have it shipped to the United States.


  2. matt says:

    The book is £9.99 and worldwide postage and packing is a further £2.50.
    In real (US) money, that’s about $18.90 all in.

  3. Gerry Saracco says:

    Any update on when the pdf of 23rd Letter will be available for sale?

  4. matt says:

    Hi Gerry,
    Total back seat while I work on the day job. None of my original files are readable so it’s a lot of writing involved!

  5. Gerry Saracco says:


    That’s too bad. I was hoping to get a pdf backup, so I could print stuff out for players if I ever get to run something

  6. Ben says:


    I was thinking the same

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