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A Guide to Britain, for Americans.

It’s funny 🙂 You will find British people very polite. Here are some of our quaint phrases; if you learn them before visiting Britain, you will be able to understand us much better, and soon will be talking “like a … Continue reading

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Being moody sucks.

I’ve been a grumpy bastard all day and the kids just turned what was already going to be unpleasant for me into something hellish and I think I took my mood out on everyone. Being moody sucks. Sorry to everyone.

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More on Sexism

This time it seems to center around the use of the English language (which does not have a gender neutral pronoun). Is it possible to write gender-neutral (as opposed to say balanced) text and still entertain? Yes. But if the … Continue reading

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Crucible Design’s Games on Sale at Key20.

After what seems an age, the first roleplaying games I wrote are on sale again at Key20 SpaceNinjaCyberCrisis XDO The 23rd Letter ( Review ) Zombi: The Earth Won’t Hold The Dead ( Review by Jeff Rients ) I’ve … Continue reading

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What other cultures can we suppress?

A disturbing development: The fashion chain Zara has withdrawn a handbag from its stores after a customer pointed out that the design featured swastikas. .. As well as being the Nazi symbol, the swastika is also a religious symbol for … Continue reading

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