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Resolutions: Dealing with Canon and Context

Canon is the past in the play. It establishes facts which have gone before. It doesn’t mean it can’t be retconned afterwards but for the most part it is immutable (or at least it should have immutable facts and mutable … Continue reading

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Man vs…

The topic of conversation this morning in the car was the substance of plots. Traditionally, we have plots which are Man versus Man (and yes, I intend to keep the male pronoun because anyone who would be sensitive to it … Continue reading

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Site refresh

Bear with us while we engage in some site jiggery-pokery. ¬†Those of you who subscribe to the feed shouldn’t notice any difference. ¬†Also it’s a bit harder to tell who wrote what post at the moment, but that’s OK by … Continue reading

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The usual fare

I don’t remember where I got this but it always made me think about the perfect stag do. It’s originally from the first edition Dungeon Master’s Guide and really proves that, to a degree, roleplayers of the day were ugly … Continue reading

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I bought a book today…

…entirely because it was illustrated and designed exactly the way I want Q to be paid out. I spent a few minutes leafing through it and in my minds eye transposed the text and art to that which I envision … Continue reading

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