Whole New World – a Sci-Fi setting using Y23E/YZE as the basis

We’ve started working on (yet another) world. A Sci-Fi setting we are calling “Whole New World”.


I’ve been a big fan of Interstellar, released in 2014 (and therefore has it’s 10th anniversary later this year) and I’m very keen on the rush of mature Sci-Fi we got around that time. Interstellar in particular was highly praised for being the new gold standard by which scientific accuracy in science fiction could be measured and while everything can be criticised, I did enjoy…

Mathematical Physicist Ikjyot Singh Kohli first published an article defending the physics used in the film. The article was written shortly after the film’s release in response to a number of scientific blogs that criticized the film’s physics for not being accurate, which were shown by Kohli to be due to several misunderstandings by the authors of the blogs in question.

Moon (2009)
Gravity (2013)
Interstellar (2014)
The Martian (2015)
Ad Astra (2019)

For a brief time it was a bit of a renaissance in science fiction.

Last night I rewatched 2010: The Year We Make Contact (1984) and loved the physicality of it. The space suits, the discovery pods, the ships that looked like I can imagine space ships to look like.

In Play

In theory this idea is a little like a game I played years ago (and IMO didn’t play enough); Justifiers. In Justifiers the PCs are anthropomorphised uplifted animals, criminals or ex-soldiers whoa re sent out to ‘justify’ the expense of colonising worlds. They’re catapulted to the orbit through some sort of wormhole, have to land, survive and construct a transmatt system to get themselves home. If they die, it’s seen as a reason not to invest more in that world.

But I want to share and shed some concepts.

This isn’t about corporate greed. The PCs are not the hapless pawns of some corporation wanting to make more value for shareholders.

This isn’t about more world, more stuff. This is about one world, the world that will save us all.

This isn’t about shooting things. It certainly can have shooting but for the most part it’s about exploration.

This is about humanity’s survival. The PCs are the crew on the lifeboat that will save humanity from extinction.

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2 Responses to Whole New World – a Sci-Fi setting using Y23E/YZE as the basis

  1. Jeffrywith1e says:

    JUSTIFIERS! I’ve never played it, but it has been on my radar as somewhat of a relation to BRP. I think someone compared its mechanics to the old TSR Top Secret/S.I. once. I loved the premise, but now I fear it would be viewed as too furry.

    • matt says:

      I think it might be a little furry but then furry is a popular game choice.

      I haven’t considered putting uplifts into WNW. It’s a different concept for sure, but if not uplifts, certainly drones.

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