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I bought a White Wolf game this week

I was doing my six-monthly browse through the stacks at Replay in Bangor and as usual found myself not wanting to leave without parting with some cash. It wasn’t due to the intrusion of the proprietor who helpfully inquired if … Continue reading

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Heroes is a lot of fun, one of the two series that I can be bothered watching (the other is The Dresden Files). Of course, they just revealed both Eric Roberts and Malcolm McDowell on staff. I’m sorry guys, but … Continue reading

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northerain is the blog of the artist behind Bloodsong Media. I like his stuff which he describes as: My style is more or less based on existing photographs. I use those to paint over them in photoshop. Since they’re not … Continue reading

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Diddlysquat is dead

Mark notes that Diddlysquat is dead. I didn’t know much about it, to be honest but reading the testimony of specky I’m reminded of lots of the silliness that went on within Crucible Design. In the end, projects like this … Continue reading

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Riffing off The 23rd Letter.

Ghost Whistler on came up with a23rd Planet idea. He was riffing off the name of the game but it made me think tonight about: The 23rd Century Fast forward events in The 23rd Letter by two hundred years … Continue reading

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