Episode Five – 28th October 2000

“Any other business?” was the last words of the meeting spoken before the polished teak of the conference table began to dribble onto the floor into a congealing mess. The wood grain, melting and flowing like and oily slick. The assembled team, everyone minus Balance, had the same word on their lips “Balance”…the marble floor of the conference room began to sag and spill into the basement below and even the walls of the room seemed to curve inwards as if the massive weight of the building was pushing down upon itself.

The effect began to fade as soon as it appeared with only two notable clues. Both, impressions of some of the Ten Commandments, appearing on solid surfaces.

Balance returned to the WatchTower to find the place in disarray and assisted the technical teams in reshaping the walls and surfaces back to what they should have been. He had to endure some interrogation as he was not only the solution but the prime suspect. It was apparent however, that the WatchTower was under attack.

And it was not over, either.

As soon as the last block of marble was fixed, there was another attack. This time a series of bursts of psychokinetic energy which caused a constant 1 mm/sec movement of nearly everything within WatchTower. There was more prperty damage as fixed objects tore free from their housings and every few minutes there was a massive burst which smashed wood and bent steel.

Still under attack, there was a more pressing concern. Reports of sewage and pollutants washing up on shores across the eastern and western seaboards had been a minor news story earlier and Red Shift had investigated. Now it was the most important thing as a humanoid figure was spotted at the edge of the pollution belt, heading for the Eastern Coast of the US. As the most capable team on the East coast, WatchTower NY was deployed….

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  1. matt says:

    Not far from our heroes…

    “He’s sedated now” the man muttered.

    Nicole Menshikov grimaced, “It wasn’t a particularly successful test”

    The man turned his head, “No. But previous test subjects were limited in scope and power. This is the first time that he’s had to work with Talos- and Zeus-class superhumans. I imagine the feeling would have been terrifying and not a little intoxicating.”

    “So can he handle it?”

    The man shrugged, “We’ll schedule another test. His abilities mean we can counter Balance, Skycrane and Yellowfist, should they turn rogue. Psiren is already on side. And Indigo? Well. Torus have assured us that they can control the suit should there be an issue.”

    “Okay”, she smiled, “Sanction Zero launches in ten days”.

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