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Fairly Grim Fairy Tales

I was reading this the other day and it reminded me of a con game I ran, say 10 years ago. It was a sequel to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs where the seven little blokes decided they needed … Continue reading

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NearbyGamers hosts listings of gamers. Would you lot just sign up already?

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Space is vast, dark and cold.

National Geographic’s Top 10 Space Pics of 2007 Breathtaking stuff. Inspiring too.

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Merry Christmas

Not been writing much as I bought a couple of novels and want to chew through them. Most likely see you on the other side.

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Slashfilm has the Black List. The list is compiled with a poll of 150 development executives and high-level assistants, and contains a ranking of the hot screenplays making the rounds in Hollywoodland, which were written in, or are somehow uniquely … Continue reading

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