Fairly Grim Fairy Tales

I was reading this the other day and it reminded me of a con game I ran, say 10 years ago. It was a sequel to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs where the seven little blokes decided they needed a maidservant again. The players decided that kidnapping Snow White from her life of humdrum fairytale royalty was absolutely the best course of action. Mayhem followed as did several deaths. Okay, these dwarves were brigands rather than miners and had pretty awful skills (Murder Quietly: 80%, Steal Candy from Baby: 110% and the like)

It evolved into an idea which I called “Fairly Grim Fairy Tales” where a modern and somewhat …unsavoury… rethink would be applied to the fairy tales. My thought was that these could be a series of one-offs. Paul wrote up “The Elves and the Shoemaker” and I tackled “CinderZ” (white trash hoodlum plus posse meets Great Expectations) and “Little Red Riding Hood” (do you need this one explained?).

Anyway, what brought this on was that I bought “GRIMM” by Fantasy Flight Games. I’ve not read this yet but it looks lovely.

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