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Too much time, too little talent

Where I embarrass myself with Garageband and a Dr Who MID file. Dr Who Remix

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I’ve been reading a lot of Doctor Who stuff recently since receiving the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space (DWAITAS) RPG. I haven’t actually been reading the RPG though. I figure that the rules are secondary to the creation … Continue reading

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The Doctor has arrived!

It arrived. And I’ve been preparing. I’ved watched five episodes of Torchwood (the Children of Earth miniseries) as well as four episodes of Tom Baker’s Doctor (Robot) and a few episodes of Tennant’s Doctor (Silence in the Library, Stolen Earth). … Continue reading

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WatchTower New England – Episode 2

Sunday March 17, 2002 (St. Patrick’s Day) From the log of Karl Maclean, WTNE Controller 8am: New recruits have lasted 24 hours without injury or fatality. Void seems to have settled into a leadership role, and may make a decent … Continue reading

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