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Primer: One of the Best Sci-Fi Movies

Shane Carruth, writer and director of the lo-fi scifi flick Primer, has uploaded the entire film to Google Video so you can watch it for free. The plot is quite complex – so pay attention and lay off the mind-altering … Continue reading

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Sunday afternoons are punctuated with the sounds of war.

Izaak had his Scout 3 training at Games Workshop yesterday and afterwards he decided that he was going to focus on building an army of Chaos Space Marines and that would be his tag in the future. This is not … Continue reading

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Today I moved about 150 kgs of my gaming collection to my house from my parents house. Keen-eyed geeks will be able to easily identify some of the game books here and some of you will even be upset at … Continue reading

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In terms of special effects, I’d love to know how they do the superhero style special effects like in in Hancock and more recently, an EMINEM video (forward to about 3 minutes): and Push I’ve not been posting much because … Continue reading

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Bug Eyed Monsters

From Beyond the Beyond at Wired. See More.

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