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Tomb of the Snake King

My kids and I made a game for a Game Jam this weekend, which had a theme of “It Never Ends”. My youngest daughter (age 12) created all the art and music for the game, while my son (age 15) … Continue reading

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Regency Royale

In late 2019, just before the Covid thing, I was working on a game design document for a real time tactics video game with the working title of “Regency Royale”. A quasi-historical world designed to evoke some great narrative inspired … Continue reading

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Games Development Seminar – Belfast, 14th Sept

Last chance to register for a games technology development seminar here in Belfast. Wed, 14 September from 10:00 to 12:00 at Radisson Blu, Gasworks, Belfast The speaker is Paul Durrant, Abertay University‚Äôs Director of Business Development. He has been instrumental … Continue reading

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Game Prototype development quote needed

I’m looking for a prototype of a RTS game on iOS developed. Just a single level, basic graphics. 2D sprites on 3D isometric plane. Happy for it to be done in Unity and/or another rapid development environment. Would be nice … Continue reading

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Indies on the Mac

From the Oddlabs blog: Many game developers, indie or not, view the Mac as a freak that no one cares for or wants to be associated with. They look at statistics that show only 5% of desktop machines are Macs … Continue reading

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