FASERIP generator

Back when I was running the Watchtower New England game using Marvel Super Heroes’ FASERIP system, I wrote a simple character generator. I found it recently, and thought I’d pop into GitHub in case other folks might find it useful. It generates random characters using the Ultimate Powers rules, which can then be tailored using the rules found in those books. I’ve found that generating a few characters helped inspire some neat NPC and PC ideas, without having to do a ton of dice-rolling and table look up.

Hope you get some use out of it! Here’s a character it just spat out. This guy has some great stats, but a pretty big weakness in Intuition. I’m thinking he’s kinda gullible? As agile as Spiderman, and good at fighting, and smart! He can turn himself into an animal and has danger sense … seems like a fun start 🙂

Form: Mutant

Fighting: RM
Agility: AM
Strength: EX
Endurance: TY
Reason: IN
Intuition: FE
Psyche: IN

Animal Transformation S4: GD
Elemental Conversion* MCo4: EX
Danger Sense M8: EX

FASERIP generator

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