Episode Six – 28th October 2000

The team was immediately dispatched to intercept the intruder who seemed to be a humanoid waterspout, heading towards the land. Debate ended fruitlessly with the humanoid who called itself “Ocean” and a short battle ensued – Yellowfist, Balance and SkyCrane providing the muscle, Psiren and INDIGO the recon. Eventually a psychic targetting from Psiren enabled Yellowfist to strike at the source of the ocean manipulation, knocking him out.

The episode ends with the team holding onto Ocean and wondering what to do with him. If they turn him over they know for sure he’ll disappear into the depths of Fortress, never to be seen again. And what’s to be done about the several thousand miles of pollutants along the shores of North America?

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2 Responses to Episode Six – 28th October 2000

  1. aidan says:

    To: AMP Field Testing
    Cc: Office of the CEO; WatchTower NYC Activity Log
    Subject: Indigo Status Report – 10/28/2000

    What a day!

    Based on sheer quantity of jumps, this has been the most rigorous test for the AMP suit to date – in fact, I probably jumped more times today than I have since the project started.

    As you’ve no doubt already read, we’ve had several attacks on the WatchTower. I used the suit to help evacuate people and to scout the surrounding vicinity for a source of the attack (with no success).

    I’ve also been all over the country taking samples of ocean water – all this is well documented in the press now, but at the time we didn’t know if the pollutants on our coastline were localised to New York or not.

    I performed t-jumps to all the Eastern seaboard states, and to California. In addition, I jumped with a passenger (Skycrane) to mid-air so that we could jump over the sea for a better view.

    Finally, in a quite dramatic (and heart-pounding!) showdown with “Ocean”, I t-jumped back and forth to the WatchTower and an invisible floating telekinetic platform which Skycrane created. Unfortunately, this may have alerted the television-watching public to the existence of the suit and the technology within it – I was stealthed but the appearance of Psiren without warning may have given the game away. However, the consequences of not acting could have been catastrophic.

    This first week in active duty in the WatchTower has been an incredible test of an amazing suit. I’ve hidden in plain sight, for all intents and purposes invisible. I’ve been in 8 states on both coasts within an hour. I’ve performed feats of agility that no human being could hope to replicate.

    I do have some concerns about the software – as reported previously, I’ve noted some anomolies in the t-jump logger. I also have reported the various recommendations I had regarding suit additions (breathing apparatus, goggles, data-recording, etc.). I think we should kick-off two simultaneous paths:

    • rigorous test/rewrite of the t-jump software
    • addition of some basic extra hardware

    I’ll put together the correct proposals and budget calculations and submit them as soon as I can. With these minor exceptions, I’ve had no reason to suspect that the AMP suit will be anything but a major success.

    Jumps: too many to list. Total distance: over 40,000km (that’s once round the world!)
    Power Usage: 4.6%

  2. aidan says:

    To: Jack White
    From: Jason Shin / Indigo


    As I’m sure you’ve seen in the status reports, I think the AMP suit needs some hardware enhancement and some software re-testing (possible some rewriting). This will probably mean around 4-6 weeks downtime, assuming we don’t run into any issues.

    Are there any new recruits that are coming on board who would be able to fill some of the gap left by Indigo if I take the time to make these improvements?

    I could also really use the time off. As we discussed when I first came on-board – I’m a scientist, not a crimefighter.

    Let me know,


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